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Geology Rocks! And Minerals Grand Opening

Geology Rocks! And Minerals Grand Opening

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Geology Rocks! And Minerals is a business based in Chico, California, with an additional location in San Diego, California! Here at Geology Rocks it is our passion to not only learn each and every day about the specimens that we work with, but share that experience with all of you as well. We hand select our minerals from our trusted vendors so that we have an eclectic assortment for you to choose from. We believe that the beautiful things that Earth creates should be readily available to everyone. Founder Kasey Valle has had a particularly amazing journey so far.

Here is his journey!

Geology Rocks! And Minerals
Geology Rocks! And Minerals

"My passion for geology, rocks, and minerals began 15 years ago when I studied geology at Florida State University.

Studying geology was very kinesthetic, and the field trips were always so much fun! Who doesn't like going outside to explore and learn!? Finding minerals, fossils and understanding what makes up this earth we live on fascinates me!

Getting a glimpse into the past rocks my socks off! In 2015 I decided start Geology Rocks! My goal was to travel, understand the processes that create this world we live on, and to find amazing treasures all along the way. And in doing so share these treasures with the world.

There is so much to see wherever you live in the world. Go outdoors and explore, you never know if you live near crystals, fossils, minerals or bomb ass rock formations. #doitfortheGRAM means go outside and do it for the Geology! Rocks and Minerals. It is my hope that we can help inspire you to go outside and see this beautiful world and collect treasures yourself."


- Kasey Valle, Founder of Geology Rocks! and Minerals

Meet Our Team


Kasey Valle

Finding rocks, minerals, & understanding the processes that shaped the earth we live on fascinates me! Soon after graduating with my geology degree in geology, I decided to start Geology Rocks! & Minerals. My goals: travel the world, understand the land, find amazing treasures along the way, & share these gems with you all!


Christian Darden

I'm just a regular ol' local geology student living out my dreams selling crystals! Since I was a kid I have had an unending passion and curiosity for our planet and all it produces! It's my goal to educate & incite happiness through every crystal I sell.

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