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Quite a magical place to visit. I had accidentally sent my herkimer quartz within a bag I'd sold online, and was devastated when the buyer said she thought it was a hunk of plastic and threw it away (how does such a thing resemble plastic?!???? Still salty) anyways, I usually buy my crystals from a shop in Fort Bragg called Beautiful Earth but decided to stop here to see if they had any herkimer, and was captivated by various other stones. Crystal shops ran by geologists are truly a sight to see- they have the most breathtaking gems at affordable prices. I am so happy to have found a trusting shop in Chico. Spent a little too much coin here today, but no regrets!!! And I'll be returning."

Danica E. , Chico, C.A.

“I have never felt more comfortable ordering a product over the internet and wish that I could visit the store in person because the staff seems friendly and extremely helpful as well. I am definitely making this a priority stop when I get back to the west coast! Thanks for spreading the knowledge to a newbie rocks and minerals collector! Also - each specimen arrives in perfect condition and is absolutely beautiful!!"

Jess Buono

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