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Another Geology Rocks! and Minerals Store?

So we’re thinking about opening another retail location! We’ve got a few cities in mind but haven’t made a final decision. With one location in Chico California and the other in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we’ve got the northwest and and northeast covered. Do we open one in the southeast or southwest? Or possibly in the central United States, like Colorado? We’ve even been thinking about the Midwest, like Illinois. 

I started this business because as I traveled across the country after graduating college, rock shops were few and far between. And the ones I did find were either big old warehouse with rock just scattered on shelving with no rhyme or reason to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love wondering around big warehouse like those, but the rocks and minerals in them could be much more appreciated with a little lighting and dusting. 

The other sort of shops that were common were highly overpriced gem shops located in downtown city plazas that specialized in spiritual and metaphysical healing. Some rocks and crystals are pretty expensive so that’s understandable, but $40 for a labradorite palmstone was just outrageous. 

My partner and I imagined a shop where we could combine amazing lighting and displays with very affordable prices, and we imagined them in cites all over the country. Come into our shops and you can get a labradorite palmstone from $1-$8 depending on size. We use inexpensive and efficient LED lighting to showcase our specimens, almost similar to what you see in museums. 

So now we want to do it again and we want your help! Where should we open our next shop?? New York, South Florida, Chicago, Asheville North Carolina, Austin Texas??? We’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback. 

Geology Rocks!

Kasey V

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