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Cheers to Chris!

Hey G.R.A.M F.A.M! On May 10th one of our favorite aspiring geologists to have around the shop is turning 21!🍾 If you have met Chris you know that you can rely on him for a funny joke, some awesome knowledge, and a smile to lighten your day. Thanks to Chris the shop runs so smoothly and has amazing deals. He comes up with some amazing sales just for all of you so we thought, why not come up with a sale that is special to Chris?!? If any of you stop by the site on the tenth and use the coupon code CHRIS you will get 21% off of your purchase of an item from the Halide collection. That is one of Chris's favorite collections due to the fact that most halides like fluorite, and halite come in a wide array of bright colors. "They are also just super cool"

Green Fluorite - Geology Rocks! And Minerals
Green Fluorite - Geology Rocks! And Minerals

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