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How Do I Cleanse My Crystals of Unwanted Energy?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “how do I cleanse my crystals?” and although there’s no right or wrong way to cleanse your crystals I am here to tell you a little about how I go about cleansing my collection.

7 easy ways to cleanse...and GO!!!


First of all, you will want to examine your specimens to make sure you know exactly what you’re dealing with before you start going for broke. Once you’re sure of what you have, then we can begin choosing the best process of cleaning for you! 

1. One of my personal favorite ways of cleansing would have to be moon cleansing. This variation of cleansing can be used on all kinds of specimens. Some may argue this procedure can only be done on a full moon, but I beg to differ, though the effects may be amplified during a full moon! Just simply place your specimens under the moonlight and leave them to absorb the moon energy all night. When you come back the next morning your specimens should be sparkly clean of negative energy!! 

2. Another great universal way of cleansing is what I call “grounding”. Just submerged your specimens in soil, sand, black salt, or even brown rice for 24 hours! Once you return the next day your specimens will be fully cleaned of all bad mojo! This technique can be used on almost all specimens, just be careful not to catch soil in any crevices of your piece. 

3. Smudging is another very well-known way to cleanse, mainly because you can use it on any specimen…and it smells good!! Everyone has different preferences on what they smudge with, while some use sage and Palo Santo, others prefer lavender and frankincense. Whatever you decide to use, just simply burn the smudge bundle and wave the cleansing smoke around your specimens. Smudging time varies from person to person, on average the smoke should surround the stone for about 30 seconds (more or less depending on how much energy it holds).  

4. Another way to cleanse is using other stones! It’s extremely easy and can be used on any specimen, although I wouldn’t recommend it for any fragile specimens! It’s as easy as setting your specimens on a cleansing stone (or setting your cleansing stones on your specimen) for 24 hours! Popular cleansing stones are clear quartz, selenite, amethyst geodes or even hematite slabs, but there are too many cleansing stones for me to list!! Find what cleansing stone calls to you and start cleaning!! 

5. Now this next one may sound a bit ridiculous at first, but many swear by it! Breathing and visualization!! Start by holding your specimen in your hands. Take a deep breath. With every inhale, visualize your specimen being filled with positive energy. As you exhale visualize the negative energy bleeding its way out of your specimen. Continue doing so until your specimen has been completely relieved of whatever energy it may be storing.

6. An alternative to visualization is sound cleansing. Sound cleansing allows the tone or pitch to wash over the specimens, ideally bringing them to the same vibration as the tone/pitch. This can be accomplished in many different ways, such as singing bowls, chanting, a bell or even a tuning fork. No matter what media you use, the idea is to fully encompass the specimens in sound for approximately 1-10 minutes. The best thing about this method is it can be used on any specimen and there’s no need to move your collection!! 

7. Now for the last, but certainly not least, way of cleaning I will talk about today is using water. Now this CANNOT be done with every specimen, so PLEASE do your research before-hand!!!! After you’ve researched, and are sure of your specimens, it’s pretty easy. Simply take your water (running, salt, moon, whatever your preference may be) and wash that rock!! Some prefer to keep the rock submerged in the water anywhere from a few minutes to days. I recommend feeling it out, do what feels right for you and your specimens.

Keep in mind, everyone is different and does things differently!! Find your own balance of what you like! There’s a million ways to cleanse your stones! These are just a few I personally use in my practice! I hope this information was of some help! See you next time!

Sincerely, Liv

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Love your post! This is such an unacknowledged and important topic. Forgive my 2 cents, I wouldn’t recommend #5 for newbies. Some pretty nasty stuff can be put into crystals, and you don’t want to hold them and merge your energy with them, not even to purify. Any of your no contact solutions would be better. Even multiple solutions, like a sound and smudge bath. I like the idea of putting crystals into water with clean salt, and leaving them on the windowsill in moonlight for a day or so. (Rinse after.) To handle negative stones, use silk or other sacred cloth, then smudge yourself. Sounds silly, but you can never be too careful. Rock on 🤘!!

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