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How To Find Your Own Crystals

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Collecting crystals is a fun and enjoyable way to explore and appreciate all the nature around you, but everyone knows that it's much more meaningful if you find them yourself! This guide will hopefully give you all the tools you need to become a bona fide rockhound!

Now there are a lot of ways to find crystals, this article is more of a set of guidelines that could lead to you finding crystals depending on your area. Nothing is guaranteed, but these three steps will aid you in your crystalline quest.

Step 1: Research

Yeah this part is kinda boring, but it's so important. Research is imperative in the realm of crystal digging for a multitude of reasons, the most important being:

  • Where are you going?- Depending on where you live, there may or may not be crystals around you! Look up crystal mines and trails around your area.

  • What kind of crystals?- You obviously need to know what you're looking for

  • What's the location?- Mountain top? Vast desert? 100 ft deep inside some dark cave? Always know where you're going so you can plan accordingly.

  • Do you have directions?- It's so easy to get lost in the field, be sure to have a firm knowledge of your surroundings as well as a way to get home (I recommend downloading an offline map of the area you're looking to explore)

  • Are there Fees/private property?- Some crystal sites are privately owned. These places will either let you dig around for a fee, or exercise their rights under no trespassing signs.

  • You got any tools?- Certain digs or rock hounding trips require specific tools. One dig you might just be walking on a beach with a bucket, and the next might require dynamite

Step 2: Preparation:

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Missing just one thing necessary for a crystal trip is detrimental to the entire operation! Use this basic checklist to ensure you never forget anything!

  • tools- hammer, pick, shovel, brush, etc.

  • water- if you think you have enough, you don't

  • boots- the kind you can get all dirty

  • hat/glasses- the sun is evil

  • sunscreen- the sun is evil pt. 2

  • bucket- to keep all your rocks in

  • backpack- get all your stuff together, put it in a backpack

  • maps- plz don't get lost

  • food- rocks are heavy, build up your energy

  • friends- for the memories

  • phone/camera- did you even go if you don't post about it?

Step 3: Collectomundo!

Now that you're ready and fully prepared, it's time to go out and find some crystals! The only real advice that I can give you here is to never give up! Being a rockhoud is rough work. There is never a guarantee that you will find anything, and not everything will be cool. But like in every road trip movie, its about the journey not the destination! Keep at it and eventually, you will find something dope. And if you're having trouble deciding what you should take home for your collection, just take whatever you think is cool! People always ask me what they should be looking for, or what kind of rocks are good for collecting. But, in all honesty, all that really matters is that you like the what you found!

And now, you're ready to become a rockhound! Go out into the world and dig your heart out. Do it for your collection, do it for the crystals, but most importantly #doitfortheGRAM

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