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How To Choose the Best Crystal For You

Often times we have customers come into the shop seeking more information on healing stones and which ones are the right ones specifically for them. Although there is no right or wrong way to go about choosing what crystals and rocks go into your collection, we decided to give you guys some pointers and tips if you're feeling completely lost and don't know where to start!

Finding Your Purpose:

It may seem obvious, but ask yourself why you want a stone or crystal. Is it to become more in tune with nature? Is it to get a more hands on experience with crystals and the science behind them? Or is it more for healing an ailment, physical or emotional? this will help you begin at a starting point. Some crystals are more geologically significant, some are more infamous in the metaphysical ream, and some are just staples to have in your collection!

Geological purpose:

Our suggestions for choosing a geologically specific piece always starts at quartz. Quartz is the most abundant, basic, and educational mineral. It is also the second most abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust, behind feldspar.

The options are endless! Clear quartz, smokey quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, or aventurine! Of course there's many more options, but these are some of our favorites and the easiest to find!

Another fun route to go down is that of the metalloid minerals. This includes pyrite, galena, copper, and much more!

Metaphysical purpose:

Choosing a healing crystal is very specific to what is going on in your life and what goals you want to achieve, either physically or emotionally.

For centuries crystals and minerals have been regarded by countless cultures as healing tools, good luck charms and as a means of spiritual connection to the natural

elements that make up the planet.

Certain minerals are known for conducting energy

(electric or thermal) and the majority of minerals are

known for being energy insulators, meaning that they

store energy, thermal or electric. Because of this, it is

believed that minerals and crystals have the ability to

affect our own bodies frequency.

It is said that the body has seven major points where energy is highly concentrated and connected to specific glands and organs within us. These points are known as chakras and they can become entangled with too much energy if we become either physically

or emotionally unbalanced in our lives. In order to clear the chakras, certain minerals with observed influences on certain ailments are designated to each chakra.


Sometimes people don't have a personal reason for seeking crystals, it's more for aesthetic purposes or making their home look nice. If this is the case, there's so many different ways you can go! Obviously it will always be specific to your home's color scheme and vibe, but here are some fun ones to consider:

- Fluorite octahedrons: colorful, bright, and translucent allowing light to easily pass through, fun to scatter in succulent planters.

- Self-standing amethyst geodes: The crystals reflect light in a beautiful way and are perfect for window sills.

- Clear quartz crystals: They bring an earthy vibe to any room and go with any color scheme and vibe.

- Pyrite cluster: Brightens up any room with its reflective crystals, good for warm earthy tones.

- Labradorite; The different play of colors from every angle catches any person's eye and looks good with any color scheme.

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