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I Don’t Know Where to Go First!?

The best thing about this industry and geology in general is that there are rocks everywhere on this planet! They’re beneath our feet everywhere we go. But the only bad thing is that certain rocks are in certain localities. So that means you have to travel to go see all the different varieties(or you can come into our store). I personally, want to go to each locality where we source these stones from and see and collect them. But I don’t know where to go first. 

From our trip to Oregon to collect sunstone

Should it be Pakistan? There are amazing rocks and minerals there. Lapis lazuli comes from there, amazing aquamarine crystals are also there. Beautiful kunzite crystals and well defined topaz are also sourced there. Tourmalines and garnets are also common. Who doesn’t love all those beautiful minerals?! 

Should it be Morocco? Morocco has tons of different types of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Amethyst, aragonite, crinoid fossils,

fossils, selenite, sharks teeth, orthoceras fossils, quartz and calcite geodes, and I could go on and on. The Atlas Mountains are very rich in most of the specimens mentioned and the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Should it the Congo? The malachite that comes out of the Congo, in my opinion, can not be compared to malachite found elsewhere in the world. The lush green color and the mesmerizing formations really get me excited. And all the different types: velvet, botryoidal, and druzy are all hypnotic. 

What about Australia? The boulder opal there is arguably one of the most beautiful minerals on this planet. And the way it is mined is so interesting and unique. Australia is also rich in all types of quartz, from saturated smoky, to rich purple amethyst. There is also topaz and jewelry grade ocean kyanite found in some of the most remote parts of the country. 

I could go on and on about the beautiful specimens that come out of all these different countries. Our country, the US, also has so many different rocks and minerals spread across each state. Do some research to see what your state has and get out there and go check it out for yourself. 

You won’t regret the adventure! Because although I have yet to go to any of the countries listed, I have loved every adventure here in the US. From Florida to California to Oregon to Montana to Nevada! All these places have amazing scenery and plenty of spots to go collect gorgeous rocks and minerals. #doitfortheGRAM 

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