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Kasey's Featured Favorite

So by now you should know some of our team's favorite minerals. I have too many favorites to pick one this week, but I will tell you about my favorite types of treasures to dig for in the ground. FOSSILS!

I'm a sucker for fossil collecting. Whether it be in the desert of Souther California, on the beaches of Florida, or up or up in the mountains of New Mexico, I love it all! Sharks teeth, whale bones, crinoids,bivalves,ammonites, and trilobites, are just a few of my favorites to hunt, dig, and collect.

Crinoids are probably my favorite to find. when you find them loose and weathered out of the parent rock(usually limestone) they look like stacks of coins or even lifesavers candy hah.

My next favorite would have to be sharks teeth. Growing up in Florida there were some beaches coated with teeth mixed in with all the shells on the shore. We also would hunt the in the limestone deposits in the swamps of central Florida, where some people would find large megladon teeth! I'm still on the hunt for a biggen' like that, hopefully this'll be the year🙌

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