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Maddy's Weekly Favorite

Blue Kyanite

Hi GRAM FAM! Maddy here, for those of you who have come into the store to meet me you know that I love the metaphysical aspects of crystals and minerals! Crystals are an amazing tool for meditation, balancing your chakras, & connecting us to the elements.

This week I have chosen our blue kyanite as my featured favorite. To me this just looks like a beautiful wand created out of solidified air. I personally love how large this wand of kyanite is perfect for working on balancing all your chakras. You can lay it right across your collar bone and its high vibrations make for an amazing experience and results. This stone is also awesome for those metaphysics junkies out there like myself because you don't technically have to cleanse it due to the fact that it is said to never build up negative energy or vibrations.

Blue Kyanite

I would still take time to cleanse it every now and then to keep any residual energy off of the stone, but that is my personal preference!

Like its dreamlike appearance, blue kyanite is used in dream work as well as bridging the gaps in our psyche. This stone would be an amazing piece to keep near oneself while sleeping due to the fact that it also brings tranquility to ones being! I absolutely love just everything about this piece.

Blue kyanite reminds me of riding on solid air, what does this wonderful piece of earth art remind you of? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for next weeks featured favorite!

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