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Maddy's Weekly Featured Favorite

Hi G.R.A.M. F.A.M. It's Maddy here again! I am back with some more metaphysical story time for all of you! This week I would love to talk about one of my favorite crystals out there, lemurian seed quartz!

Now there is a WHOLE bunch of history that goes behind these quartz but let me tell you a little about the metaphysical properties first. Lemurian quartz, because it is a type of quartz, and due to other properties is known as a master healer. They are especially used when clearing and activating the chakras. An interesting fact is that this crystal is said to be associated with all of the astrological signs as well and will have no conflict.

Lemurian seed quartz or "lemurian star seeds" are a member of the silicate family that were originally found in Brazil. They were named after the lost civilization of the Lemuria. These people were much like the Atlantians in the way that they were far ahead of their time in knowledge. Where the Atlantians had created a technology with their power source, the Lemuria had created a sense of wholeness, and a way to connect with ones true self.

Like the Atlantians, the Lemurians inexplicably disappeared from the face of the Earth. Hundreds of years ago it is said that the Lemuria had somehow programmed or "seeded" the crystals with knowledge as to how to gain this sense of self/wholeness. That ties in to the metaphysical attributes of crystal and how it assists in dream recall and also communicating with higher beings!

Have you ever meditated with a Lemurian or done dream work and had positive success? I know that I personally keep mine with me to specifically clear my chakras. I constantly get build up in my throat chakra and my solar plexus chakra and it helps to just cleanse the palate it seems! It is an amazing stabilizing crystal during meditation for me during meditation!

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