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The Mysterious Space Gem!

I have been racking my brain on what to write about for a while now. Until recently when we received some Moldavite from our sister store; in Pittsburgh. After finally seeing it in person I knew I had to learn more about its history. And what's a better way to learn than doing a blog!! So let's just jump right in!!

So what exactly is moldavite and where does it come from?

The most supported theory suggests that moldavite was formed by a meteorite impact that happened over 15 million years ago! Technically it is considered one of the rarest mineral-like-gems on Earth. Moldavite has a chemical formula of SiO2(+Al2O3) which is oddly similar to granite and sandstone. Moldavite is a deep green, translucent, form of tektite with a unique bubbly texture(very similar to the appearance of green glass). Landing on 5-5.5, on the mohs hardness scale, moldavite has about the same hardness as man made glass. This meaning its very easy to mistake fake moldavite for the real stuff.

A good tip to follow when buying moldavite: any moldavite without eye-visible bubbles has a good chance that it is fake. Also I would not advise purchasing moldavite online, unless of course it is from our store! Almost 99% of moldavite comes from Bohemia, the other 1% comes from south Moravian localities.

As strange as it is my family originated from Bohemia, maybe that is why I have been so drawn to moldavite? Or possibly im attracted to it for its bubbly translucent green appearance, either way moldavite is a miraculous vitreous silica projectile rock! Obviously everyone knows how spectacular it really is because it is priced so highly! Since moldavite is a limited resource there is a high demand for it. Collectors who understand it will one day go extinct are frantically trying to get their hands on a piece (as we all are)!

But besides just looking pretty what is it used for/what does it do?

Well moldavite has many uses so let's go over a few, shall we? First of all, during the middle ages moldavite was used in tool making and was displayed in pendants/the heads of walking canes in Central Europe. Though it was/is commonly used as a talisman or an amulet for good fortune. In the Middle Ages, those who wore jewelry fashioned out of moldavite were considered royalty!

Today moldavite is seen in jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets but the ones who wear these piece are no longer considered royalty. Many people use moldavite as a way to open/clear blockages and align chakras.

Since moldavite is a high vibration stone it is said to enhance the effects of other crystals by taking them to their highest vibration point. If you've been interested in amplifying the rest of your collection, moldavite is the one for you! And luckily, we have some with your name on it!!

Anyway that's just a few of the astounding uses of moldavite! I hope you enjoyed learning a little something with me once again!


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