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You Should Become A Member of Your Local Lapidary Club

Do you ever wish you could go on a field trip around where you live and search for rocks, crystals, and fossils? Ever wanted to make your own cabochon or learn how to wire wrap and bead stones? Does silversmithing interest you? Does tumbling stones intrigue you?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions then you DEFINITELY NEED TO JOIN your local lapidary club!

Over the past few years I’ve been a member of the Feather River Lapidary and Mineral Society out of Oroville, California. It has been an amazing few years traveling to various rock-hounding spots and collecting our own material. Not only that, we then take that material to our shop that’s filled with rock saws, polishers, tumblers and all the tools to take the raw material and turn it beautiful presentable specimens. Whether that be polished slabs or book ends, cutting geodes open, or cutting and polishing a cabochon, our club has the resources to get it done.

Just as important as the tools are the people who run the club and are willing to teach you how to use the machines and teach you what to look for during the rock-hounding

trips. I’ve met so many amazing people who have been so nice to me and my family. Most of them love being asked how to use the machines and are very willing to give you hands on guidance.

Joining this club, since moving to Chico California, has been a great experience and I recommend that EVERYONE do some research on whether there is a club in or near to the town they live in. I will provide a link that has the contact information to a lot of clubs around the United States. It may not have every single one so I suggest doing more research than just referring to the link. Search on Facebook or do a Goggle search. You won’t regret joining a club, I promise you!

Link to rock and mineral societies:

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