A semiprecious type of Chalcedony, Agate is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. Agate is made by a series of processes that happen in cavities within solidified lava, making this piece so very special.  Most Agate you'll see are historic specimens, which makes them even more intriguing. 

The layers of color in this agate slice are unreal! Can't get over all of the beautiful colors!


This piece is one of my favorites that we currently have because we it shows a little bit of the science behind the relationships of agates & Quarts. Quartz are known to form Agates & then on the inside of agates a second layer of quartz is formed and so on & so on. This piece really shows that off.


Agate is widely used for its metaphysical properties. It enhances mental function, improves concentration & analytical abilities.  It soothes & calms, healing inner Anger & creates a sense of security & safety.


Weight: 43 grams

Size: 4"x2.5"x.01"

Agate Slab | Blue | Black | Healing | Chakra