Introducing our best selling healing bundles! This bundle includes one amethyst crystal point, one palo santo stick, and one sage bundle.


The trees that are used for the palo santo are completely natural and one family planted 30,000 trees over the last ten years. The wood that comes from those trees is from the trees and branches that naturally fall four to six years into the process. It takes time for the oils of the tree to work into the wood to get that sweet citrus and pine scent. It is a wild tree that is native to Mexico as well as the Yuctan peninsula of Peru and Venezuela. Palo Santo is burned in healing, ceremonies, and raising vibrational energies. Cleanses rooms and living spaces of negative energy as well.


Burning sage is an act known as “smudging” that has been practiced for thousands of years as a spiritual ritual. It is meant to enhance intuition and connect one to the spirit world. It is also used to cleanse negative energies from rooms, bodies, and objects.


Amethyst is a crystal known for emotional protection, guidance, sobriety, and overall emotional well-being.


How to use: burn sage or palo santo to cleanse rooms, bodies, or crystals of unwanted energy and for an anti-bacterial effect. Keep amethyst by bedside or in a room where you are the most often. 

Amethyst Healing Bundle