Amethyst is a violet variety of Quartz which is rich in iron impurities, giving it a purple hue. Amethyst crystals like these grow in cavity spaces within rocks. 
Crystal growth & size is directly related to the space in which it can grow. Large spaces, for example in rock fractures, will allow larger crystals to grow.


This is an extremely uncommon Amethyst cluster from China. One of the most visually spectacular pieces in the collection. 
This is a very bizarre formation for Amethyst that consists of off kilter pyramidal structures all pointing different directions. Even the purple hue is eccentric. 
It has small chunks of green epidote in the terminations of the Amethyst crystals. It sits flat on the opposite side. 
It really is just a superb specimen!


Metaphysically, Amethyst is used to enhance spiritual awareness & to promote a higher consciousness, amethyst works with your Third Eye Chakra to balance vision and intuition. Great for meditation & providing a calming energy in general.

Weight: 218 grams


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