Not at all a mineral, but a fossil! Ammonites roamed the seas over 64 million years ago and belong to a group og predators known as cephalopods, which include their living relatives lik the octopus, squid, cuttlefish, & nautilus. They went extinct along with many other dinosaurs of their time, & they can also be found worldwide.


This peice to me is so well preserved & still has the spines that the Ammonite had when it was alive. It also has formed a really cool design on the shell while it has fossilized.

Ammonite is believed to be effective when placed directly on the Third Eye Chakra. It represents coming full circle & knowing a place for the first time. Ammonite is known for its spiral shape symbolizig continual change in nature & influencing those around it to let go of the past. It is used to activate Kundalini or "life path energies".


Weight: 1.1lbs

Size: 4"x3.5"x1"

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