**The pictures shown & the product received may be different, but will be similar in size, color, & beauty.** 


Aquamarine is the blue to sea green colored variety of Beryl, the same mineral family that emerald and morganite are in. Aquamarine receives it's iconic color from the presence of iron, and forms as a result of magma interacting with pegmatite and other igneous rocks. This is often why you find aquamarine alongside mica.


These adorable aquamarine remind me of mini light savers! Mainly because of the way they shine when the lighting is just right! But no need to worry, these little guys are harmless(unlike a real lightsaber;))! In fact they would make the cutest necklaces!!


In the metaphysical world, aquamarine is believed to help heal emotional trauma and help guide individuals towards a path of self acceptance and love. It's association with the ocean and sea waves is meant to bring a calming and stress reducing quality to those who interact with it.


Weight: 5 grams 

Size: .5" x .5" x .5"


Tiny Aquamarine Crystal