Bronzite is a variety of enstatite distinguished by its green-brown color and bronze-like luster with fibrous inclusions. Enstatite is a silicate and a member of the pyroxene group. Bronzite is named for its bronze appearance which is due to the presence of Iron. It often has a metallic-like shimmer and is found in opaque, translucent, and transparent greenish-brown shades.


Inclusions add uniqueness to each stone. Bronzite is highly appreciated for its sheen and is sometimes polished to make small ornamental objects such as this cabochon! This stone has a very earthy appeal to it and Bronzite is believed to help people become more grounded within themselves and in their external world. I admire the shimmering flake-like inclusions within this Bronzite cabochon. 



Weight: 6.5 grams

Size: 1.5" x 1" x 0.15"

Bronzite Cabochon