Fluorite is made of calcium fluoride & the most common colors are violet, green, & yellow. Fluorite belongs to the halide minerals group, the same as table salt. The colors in fluorite come from traces of impurities of various metals replacing calcium in the crystal lattice structure. 


In this set you will receive 10 fluorite octahedrons. These crystals are amazing little works of nature. They prove that minerals really can come in many shapes & forms! These habits are completely natural & are not at all carved or man made. I personally think that they look like little pieces of lime Jell-O.


Fluorite promotes protection & brings peace. It helps with meditation to let go of the “chatter” in our minds. Fluorite can calm, relieve anxiety, tension, & stress by detoxifying the emotional body. It can help ease anger & depression as well as reduce fear of the future. Green fluorite in particular is known for balancing out the hormones & recharging all of the chakras. 


QTY: 10 fluorite octahedrons

Weight: approx. 50 grams

*Size of crystal will vary*

Aqua Fluorite Octahedrons