Carnelian is a red, orange, or amber variety of Chalcedony. It's often found in a solid color but it can also be found banded. Carnelian differs from Jasper in that Jasper will always be opaque, whereas Carnelian is translucent. Carnelian may be nearly opaque but will still let light through when viewed from the edges. 


The color of this stone automatically sets a mood. I admire the uniqueness and beauty of this specimen from other Carnelian stones that we have in the shop due to its indented "imperfection" which you can see in the final image. The detail within the stone reminds me of intricate veins, which is another reason I am so drawn to this specimen. The pictures just don't do the beauty of this little Carnelian justice, you'll have to see it in person to deeply appreciate all the beauty that it has to offer. 


Size: 2" x  1.5" x 1"

Weight: 3.4 oz