***This order comes with both specimens in the photos above***


The piece on the left has an elongated deposit which is unique for cavansite. Stilbite & other zeolites are often found with cavansite. 

Cavansite unites the throat & third eye chakras for clear insight, effective communication & greater understanding. It is beneficial for calming nerves & unstable emotions. When combined with stilbite, it opens the heart chakra.


This particular stilbite deposit has a pearly luster when light bounces off its angles. I find this luster to be so gorgeous. The blue color of the cavansite is rather enticing, & when you get a closer look, you can see all of the druzy sparkles of the stilbite. 

Weight: 182 grams
Size: 2.25"X2"X1" and 2.5"X1.5"X1"

Cavansite on Stilbite | Mineral Specimen Cavansite | Vivid Blue Mineral