Estimated to be 420 million years old, Crinoid from Morocco are commonly known as sea lilies, though they are animals, not plants. Crinoids are chinoderms related to starfish, sea uchins, & brittle stars. Many crinoid traits are like other members of their phylum. Such traits include tube feet, radial summetry, a water vascular system, & appendages in multiples of five(pentameral). 


Just from being around this piece I have learned so much about crinoids! I could not believe that they were animals just by looking at them. They looked a lot like plants by the look of the fossil. I love the tubular structure that is jutting from the bottom of the crinoid & it makes me very curious of its physiology.


Weight: 3.2 lbs

Size: 8.75"x7.5"x1"

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