Jasper can be found in a variety of colors, such as yellos, browns to beige, reds, & even spotted/banded. They are surprisingly a part of the quartz family & have a hardness of 7 Jasper is an opaque form of chalcedony, & often contains an abundance of impurities such as iron oxides or organic substances. the best known sites are either in India or Mexico.


It you loved 101 dalmations of quartz you will lava these tumbled stones! Dalmation jasper is so special it reminds me of the backs of salmon swimming upstream. When I look at these stones I feel so at home & so grounded. 


Jasper are an amazing stone for nurturing ones spirit. I almost see it as like a stone that gives you a warm hug. It is also believed to bring one protection & prosperity.


QTY: 30 tumbled jasper stones

Weight: 5 oz

*Size and shape of stone will vary*

Bulk Dalmation Jasper | Tumbled Stone | Mineral Healing | Nurturing Stone