Danburite is a calcium borosilicate that is most recognized by its well-formed and gemmy crystals. Danburite was named after the city in which it was first discovered - Danburite, Connecticut. These clear, prismatic crystals can sometimes be found encrusted by druzy quartz crystals! It’s not uncommon for these minerals to form with inclusions such as calcite and pyrite. Most crystals form double-terminated as well. 


The color of the Danburite specimen is a soft white to pink shade. From certain angles this specimen glistens with rainbows. Metaphysically speaking, Danburite is renowned for its abilities to assist with self acceptance and relieving emotional pain. Danburite is an ideal mineral to work with for your third eye and crown chakra. 


Weight: 1 oz

Size: 2" x 1" x 0.5"