Danburite is a Calcium Borosilicate that is most recognized by its well-formed & gemmy crystals. Danburite was named after the city which it was first discovered, Danbury Connecticut. These clear prismatic crystals can sometimes be found encrusted by druzy quartz crystals! And it's not uncommon for these minerals to form with inclusion such as calcite & pyrite. Most crystals form double-terminated as well.


This is such a lovely little piece of danburite. I love that it is such a thick stout piece whereas you usually see those enlongated pieces. This piece just feels so amazing to be around!


Metaphysically, danburite assists one with angelic communication as well as achieving peace and love within one's life. It is also believed to help one come to accept their life & others.


Weight: 15 grams

Size: 2"x.5"x.5"


Danburite | Pink Crystal | Prismatic Stone | Chakra | Crystal Healing

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