Our Educator Lab Kit is back, with a new variation of minerals for all your identification needs! These lab kits were designed with educators in mind, serving as an essential class lab kit to any science unit-- or for your own personal learning purposes! They also serve as a great gift for that aspiring geologist in your life.


The kit comes with 9 different minerals, 1 uncracked quartz geode, diluted HCl acid for carbonate identification, one glass tile for hardness identification, a mineral hardness chart, and a link to a lesson plan and demonstration videos that explain how to use everything in your kit!


Minerals included in the kit:

3 different sets of crystals to show variation in crystal structure

   - Quartz crystals

   - Ulexite specimen

   - Fluorite octahedrons

3 different types of carbonate minerals

   - Orange Calcite

   - Rough and Tumbled Azurite

   - Aqua/Green Calcite

3 different types of fossils

   - Bivalves

   - Gastropods

   - Crinoids

1 uncracked quartz geode



Educator Lab Kit - Mineral Identification