An elestial quartz is a form of quartz that has many terminations and folds over a multilayered crystal. Simply put, an enhydro is a cavity that gets filled and trapped with water. Creating this entertaining bubble of water trapped inside the specimen! 


These specimens are incredibly special, not only are they enhydro elestial quartz, they are also double terminated!! These enhydro elestial quartz are absolutely stunning and will suit any purpose! But specifically they would be especially perfect for metaphysical practices! 


It is said double terminted crystals radiate and absorb energy from both ends simultaneously. Making it a stone of balance, useful in absorbing negative energy and transforming it to positive energy. With that being said, elestial quartz has a gently flowing energy. Said to remove blockages and fear, while balancing polarities. 


Weight: 5-7 oz


Small: 5¨X1.25¨X1.25¨

Medium: 4.5"X1.25"X1.25"

Large: 6¨X1.25¨X1.25¨

Enhydro Elestial Quartz Crystals