This piece is from the Eocene era which was over fifty million years ago! It was part of the Green River Formation in Kemmerer, Wyoming. A majority of the fish taken from the fossil lake are from two separate layers. The first layer being the 18-inch layer and the second layer being the spilt fish layer. It is known that the best preserved fish come from the 18-inch layer. In this layer, composition of fish is made mostly of limestone and extraction of fish becomes more difficult due to its depth.


This piece is just so cute. I love that it is the whole fish & normally they are so large & almost monstrous looking but this one just looks like it is going for a little stroll. This would make the perfect center piece to a book shelf or just as a new decorative item!


Metaphysically, it is known to be used in history as talismans for past visualization. They help us to embrace an environment that constantly changes around us & and help us to feel secure in that.


Weight: 131 grams

Size: 4.5"x3"x.04" 

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