Fluorite is made of calcium fluoride and the most common colors are violet, green and yellow. Fluorite belongs to the halide minerals group, the same as table salt. The colors in Fluorite come from traces of impurities of various metals replacing calcium in the crystal lattice structure. Fluorite originates in granites and other igneous rocks, but is also associated with hydrothermal alteration. Hydrothermal alteration is a term to describe the processes by which rock-forming minerals are altered due to reactions accompanying the flow of heated aqueous fluids along fractures and grain boundaries.


This Fluorite bear is adorable. It would look cute anywhere and would fit in the palm of your hand. The carving is detailed and brings the mineral to life. Some people believe that fluorite can help to increase focus, balance, and mental/physical coordination.


Weight: 2 oz

Size: 2" x 1" x 1.25"

Fluorite Bear