Garnet in schist is a metamorphic rock with a wrinkled, irregular, or wavy like texture. In this mineral garnet occurs as a porhyroblast, which you can see in the images above, are the crystals that are set in metamorphic matrix. Garnet in schist is very wide spread & can be found in metamorphism especially found in the formation of mountains. 


I love this piece because of how incredibly soft it feels & how sparly the matrix is! It is pretty indescribable... The type of garnet in schist that you find is very indicative of the environment and how the minerals & rocks formed before hand. I the structure & appearance of this stone make me wonder about its past. 


The metaphysical properties of garnet include vamping ones vitality. It also rids ones body as well as their auras of toxins & negative energy. The garnet then replaces that bad energy with the bodies natural energy. It is also a stone that is known to be used in strong, long lasting relationships.


Weight: 306 grams

Size: 5.25"x2.25"x2"


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