Grape Agate is a relatively new find. Although the trade name is Grape Agate, these are actually Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony.

Chalcedony comes in every color of the rainbow & is often banded, layered, translucent & even druzy & is closely related to Agates, Carnelian and Quartzes.


This piece is so cool! Normally you see grape agate in a light lilac color. This one is such a deep aqua color that it is so mesmerizing! 


It is used to balance the energy of your body, mind, emotions & spirit. It greatly encourages benevolence & good will & is a stone that inspires brotherhood & cooperation. It alleviates hostility, irritability & melancholy & enhances generosity, responsiveness & receptivity. It’s a great stone to increase mental stability.


Weight: 151 grams

Size: 3.5"x3"x1.5"

Grape Agate | Blue Stone | Stone Healing