Petrified wood is wood that is chemically replaced by mineral substance. The replacement is usually chalcedony, but opal & agate minerals are also known to replace the wood. The primaeval wood belongs to the quartz family along with its hardness of 7. When the wood becomes petrified, its original mold remains intact, but an entire new substance take the placeof what was once wood. Can be found in Germany, & Africa. 


I love this piece of petrified wood because it is still rough. It is beautiful because it has dark green striations throughout the light green base. It is a very pretty piece.


Petrified wood looks great as a decoration or for specimen collection. Petrified Wood is used to help connect with the earth & nature. It is a good way for city dwellers to keep nature nearby & encourages people to respect their environment & live in harmony with the planet.


Weight: 14 oz

Size: 5"x3.25"x1"


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