Hematite is a non-,agmetoc orpm pxode, with a hardnessd of 5- 6. It is rather variable in its appearance, it can be in reddish brown, orcherous masses, or in dark silver-grey scaled masses. They all have in comon is rust-red streak. Where hematite can be located is usually in Germany or Canada. 


This beautiful, metallic, grey piece makes the perfect ground palm piece to anyones meditative collection. I love this piece because it is cool to the touch & feels like a york peppermint patty for the soul. It is such an awesome piece!


Hematite is especially known for being its grounding properties & is amazing for neutralizing bad energy & turning it into a positive vibration. It is especially good for for your root chakra. Hematite is amazing to help one maintian self-control. 


Weight: 104 grams

Size: 2.5"x2"x1.5"


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