Rutile is well known for its habit of forming needle-like inclusions within other minerals, especially Quartz, in the form of long & slender yellow straw-like crystals. These inclusion can range from scattered needles to dense parallel fibers within a host mineral. This combination is known as Rutilates Quartz, and is used both as a collectors mineral & gemstone. 


This piece to me looks like a cute little moth & is so amazing to me. Even though it is so fragile it makes it that much more special in my eye.


Metaphysically, rutile is known for strengthening the energy flow throughout the body. It is also known for facilitating transformations in all areas of life. Rutile is believed to promote strenth and love within oneself as well.


Weight: 3 grams

Size: 1"x.75"x.75"

Hematite & Rutile | Metallic Mineral | Gray | Yellow