Horn coral is from the order Rugosa, of the Ordovician Period in history which was known to be 488 million years ago. The horn like shape of horn coral was built by the the coral animal. The word Rugosa translates to wrinkle & as you can see in the images above, there are wrinkles engrained in the coral specimen. The cone like specimens that horn coral built were made of calcium carbonate that was derived from the sea water around them.


This piece is so cool because it gives us a look into the life of a horn coral millions of years ago! I love how it can tell us cool things like how how old it was!


Like many fossils, horn coral is best for helping us to forget the past and move forward. It is believed to assist one with inner peace as well as dispelling negative thoughts. It is said to be a gift from the stars!


Weight:137 grams

Size: 2.75"x1.25"x1.3"

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