This interesting combination of crystals has little to do with the rocks in which they are found. Rocks that are fractured or deformed form spaces or cavities where pyritic & calcium rich water flows through & precipitates crystals. This sample may represent a concentration difference during crystallization. For example, as Pyrite crystals grow, iron & & is removed from fluid to a point where Pyrite stops growing and the formation of calcite crystals has a higher potential. Pyrite is typically a dull yellow/gold but here the Calcite is augmenting the color.


The colors & contrast in this piece are just so unreal. The pure white Calcite makes up the bulk of this specimen & in between the bladed crystals are beautiful sections of Iridescent Pyrite clusters. Some of the portions of Pyrite are yellow, gold, brown, gray, & even purple!
Pyrite is a protective & shielding stone & is excellent to wear or carry as an amulet to deflect harm & danger. Pyrite is a perfect complement for Calcite. Calcite is a protecting, grounding & centering stone, & can help bring inner peace. Since Calcite also promotes creativity & imagination, the inner peace it can bring is a vibrant one.


Weight: 2.5lbs
Size: 5"x4.5"x2"

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