Lapis Lazuli is a mineral most well known for its rich and deep blue color. These minerals are mostly comprised of lazurite and typically contain inclusions of calcite and pyrite. In fact, the name Lapis Lazuli was created to describe lazurite stones that formed with these inclusions.


A Lapis Lazuli heart pendant is a beautiful and thoughtful  gift for that special person in your life or another loved one. It even makes a beautiful gift for  yourself and we can all use a little more self love in our lives. The deep blue color invokes a sense of calm. The white streaks of calcite give the pendant a slightly marbled look and the flecks of golden pyrite really bring this heart to life! Lapis Lazuli is believed to encourage self awareness and help us tap into the deep truths that we all hold within.


Weight: 7.5 grams

Size: 1.25" x 0.75" x 0.25"

Lapis Lazuli Heart Pendant