Serpentine is not a single mineral, but rather a group of related minerals. Serpentine group minerals have similar physical properties and form by similar processes. They often occur as fine-grained admixtures and can be difficult to distinguish within a rock. Geologists usually call these minerals "serpentine" rather than more specific names to simplify communication. Serpentine minerals form where peridotite, dunite, and other ultramafic rocks undergo hydrothermal metamorphism. It is also the state rock of California, which is found in vast abundance throughout the state. 


In this set you will receive 3 large tumbled serpentine stones. The vibrant green hues radiating from these stones are sure to catch anyone's eye and compliment any skin tone, making them perfect as wire wrapped pendants! 


Serpentine treats diabetes and hypoglycemia.  It eliminates parasites within the body, and aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.  Serpentine is also extremely cleansing and detoxifying for the body and blood.


QTY: 3 tumbled serpentine stones

Weight: 2.5 oz

*Size and shape of each stone will vary*

Large Tumbled Serpentine Stones