Limonite is an iron oxide that is often formed in shallow marine sediments. Limonite is actually not scientifically considered to be a true mineral. It does not have a definitive chemical formula or crystal structure, you generally see limeonite coating other minerals. When this occurs it is known as a pseudomorph. It has a medium hardness of 4-5.5. Limonite has been used throughout history as a pigment to create the color ocher & still continues into today. 


This piece is so big & beautiful! I personally love the mystery of not knowing what is under the limonite. It is so dense that instantly feel grounded while holding this piece.


Metaphysically, limonite is believed to help ground as well move persons being toward stability. It also is known for being a stone of intuition as well!


Weight: 287 grams

Size: 3.5"x3.25"x2.25

Limonite | Brown Stone | Chakra | Psuedomorph