Malachite is a copper mineral that is best known for its rich green color & banded crystal formations. Formed in copper deposits, it is often found with other minerals such as azurite & Chrysocolla. Most of the Malachite in the world comes from the Congo.


These Malacats are just so adorable... I personally love cats. They are my favorite animal & I want to keep this stone with me at all times because of that reason!


Metaphysically, Malachite is a stone of transformation & brings positive transformation again & again. Malachite also assists in making these transformation changes with a gentleness of the heart, easing the transition from one state to the other. As a stone of transformation, Malachite helps with spiritual evolution. Meditation or intentional use of this stone in spiritual practices can bring along heightened & pervasive spiritual growth.


Weight: 167grams

Size: 2.5"x2"x1"

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