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We have a large quantity of these pieces, so when you order a piece(s) it may not be exactly the same piece(s) that are pictured.


Celestite occurs as crystals, and also in massive and fibrous forms. It's usually found in sedimentary rocks. It is named for its occasional delicate blue color. Celestite is the main source of the element strontium, which is used in fireworks as well as in various metal alloys.


These pieces of Celestite are such a beautiful color! The baby blue color is subtle & will make for a perfect blue accent piece in your collection!


Celestite is a sweet blue crystal, with a lovely gentle uplifting vibration. While it seems on the surface to just be a crystal with a sweet and gentle energy, it has a strong stimulating effect on spiritual and psychic gifts. It has strong metaphysical properties that will help you to develop the gift of prophecy, and other psychic abilities.

Size: 1.5"X1.5"X1" ~ 2.5"X2.5"X1.5"
Weight: 80-130grams

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