Desert roses are found in almost all of the desert regions of the world. Desert Rose is a variety of gypsoum. Gypsum is a hydrous calcium sulphate which is also called selenite. It is usually formed by precipitation in arid desert redions containing trapped sand particles which give it a rosette shape. Main lacations are in Morocco & Mexico. 


I love these little pieces of desert rose! Personally, I love desert rose, but I don't want to spend a lot of money to get a huge vine of one so the small rosettes are perfect for someone like me! (Disclaimer: our desert rose is heat treated to achieve the white tips of the rosettes)


Desert rose is also refered to as sand rose & is said to contain a special spirit guardian. They are especially used as talismans for protection. They also are believed to provide one with intuition as well as a calming vibe as well & clarity.


Weight: On average 28 grams


One Desert Rose | Flower Mineral | White Crystal | Crystal Healing | Chakra

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