The selenite name is mostly synonymous with gypsum, due to it being a transparent variety. It is readily cleaved into natural wands and sheets, which makes it a very soft stone that can be scratched easily. Selenite can be found in Mexico and the United States.


This egg is so soothing to hold and its transparency brings a sense of tranquility. It captures every angle of light perfectly, making it a great windowsill addition. Selenite also looks amazing with lights behind or underneath of it to make it really glow. 


Metaphysically, Selenite is believed to be amazing for mental clarity when you are feeling foggy headed. Selenite helps you stay true to yourself and to your word as well. It is also known as a guidance stone for those who need a little extra help finding their way through life. 


Please note:  This Selenite egg is not for use as a yoni egg


Weight: 6.5 oz

Dimensions: 2.75" x 2" x 2"

Selenite Egg