Onyx primarily refers to the parallel banded variety of the silicate mineral Chalcedony. Agate and Onyx are both varieties of layered Chalcedony that differ only in the form of the bands: Agate has curved bands and Onyx has parallel bands. The color of its bands range from black to almost every color in the spectrum. 


Metaphysically, Onyx is used as a protective and grounding stone. It is believed to help us take charge of our emotional and physical strength when kept closeby. This Onyx frog is beautiful, I enjoy the different shades of banding that are presented throughout it. I think it would look lovely on a bookshelf or near a houseplant for added decor around the home.


Weight: 5 oz

Size: 2.75" x 2" x 1.25"

Onyx Frog