Palo Santo is also known as Brusera graveolens. It is a wild tree that is native to Mexico as well as the Yuctan peninsula of Peru and Venezuela. Palo Santo is related to frankinsense, myrrh, and copal. The spanish translation of palo santo is "holy wood".


Palo Santo is usually used in healing, ceremonies, and raising vibrational energies in ones being. it is said to be extremely effective at cleansing rooms and living spaces of negative energy as well. Palo Santo is also known to be used in many cultures in order to keep insects and pests away!


The trees that are used for the palo santo are completely natural and one family planted 30,000 trees over the last ten years. The wood that comes from those trees is from the trees and branches that naturally fall four to six years into the process. It takes time for the oils of the tree to work into the wood to get that sweet citrus and pine scent.


Average Size: 4"x2"x1"

Average Weight: 25 grams 

*weight and size vary slightly depending on stick*

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