**NOT NATURAL** China is making these chromium included quartz clusters by heating the clusters in water concentrated in chromium to give it the green color and secondary quartz growth on the main crystals. It's a very interesting tecnique and beautiful crystals are made, but they are not natural. They are man made.

Quartz are one of the most common crystals on earth. These crystals are found in granite and granite pegmatites which are magma bodies deposited close the earth’s crust and eventually uncovered through surface erosion or continental uplift. Many minerals that would otherwise be chemically altered or dissolved when the local conditions change are protected from aggressive chemical agents when they have been embedded inside quartz crystals. This sample is a perfect example of fragile, easily altered chlorite being preserved within the quartz.

Chlorite quartz with its green color ray of Influence is associated with the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra. It is used in emotional healing when someone needs to recover from emotional trauma, become more aware of the needs of his or her heart, and in efforts to improve one’s ability to express love.


Weight: 155 grams
Size: 3.5"X1.5"x1.5"

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