Polychrome Jasper also known as Desert Jasper is a form a Chalcedony that originates from Madagascar. Jasper is a variety of silica that is broken down & is impure. The red & brown colors that you commonly see in Jasper are due to the inclusion of the mineral Iron. 


This piece has such an interesting shape compared to our other polchrome jaspers. It looks like a little triangle & it is just so cute to me!


The metaphysical properties of Polychrome Jasper are amazing. It is known as being a very nurturing stone especially during times of imense stress. It brings an overall sense of calmness & wholeness to the person holding or wearing it. Jasper is also known to help facilitate dreaming or dream recall. It is a beautiful stone for balancing physical, mental, & emotional bodies.


Weight: 99 grams

Size: 2"x2"x1.25"

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