Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral with a highly desired pink color. While most well known for being a manganese mineral, rhodochrosite has a variable composition and is commonly found with iron, calcium, and magnesium. This mineral typically occurs in cavities and fractures in sedimentary and metamorphic rock.


I love how this piece is almost polished all the way around, giving it a very tubular look! This specimen is a must have for any geologist or cystal collector. The bands and rich pink hue on this piece are mesmerizing to say the least! Also perfect for adding a little pop of color to any room.


Rhodochrosite is believed to have effects on the heart chakra, with qualities such as boosting confidence, warmth, and most importantly unconditional love. The manganese within the mineral is also a trace element our brains need in order to function properly.


Dimensions: 2" x 1" x .5"

Size: 31 grams

Polished Rhodochrosite