White quartz is by far amongst the most common varieties of quartz. The milky color is from tiny gas bubbles trapped inside the crystal.
This particular piece has gorgeous luster and a really charming structure. The individual crystals are really small and well defined. 


Galena is the natural form of lead sulfide. It contains high amounts of silver within its crystalline structure, which is why it has such a beautiful shine. The contrast of the black & white makes for a really great aesthetic. Peppered in all of this are tiny clusters of golden pyrite crystals which give it a nice shimmer. 


This little guy has a lot going on and its such an eye catcher. The tiny crystals of quartz come to perfect little terminations all on a bed of dense galena sprinkled with a tad of pyrite. Really an awesome combonation!


Weight: 181g
Size: 3.5"x2"x1"

Quartz on Galena & Pyrite | Black & White Crystals | Raw Natural Mineral | Le